Genealogy and Local History

Harvard Diggins Library has a growing collection of genealogy and local history materials for Harvard and surrounding areas. Available resources include the Harvard Herald on microfilm from the 1850s through the end of publication in 1986. The reference staff are happy to help you as much as we can with your research. Visitors traveling long distances to reach the library are encouraged to call ahead to make sure that we will be open and that the resources you need are available. The library telephone number is 815-943-4671.

American Family Immigration History Center (Ellis Island)
Search for immigration records for anyone who passed through Ellis Island. Courtesy of the Ellis Island Foundation.
This commercial site assembles many links to genealogy resources on the web.
Another site that assembles links, but also contains some transcribed records that can be examined without charge.
Christine's Genealogy Website
Discussion forum and also a guide to resources. Includes access to some data, and focuses primarily on Afro-American genealogy.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
Probably the largest collection of online links to genealogy related sites, organized and indexed courtesy of genealogist Cyndi Howell. A very valuable resource.
Daughters of the American Revolution
The DAR is one of the major collectors of genealogical information in North America. Their library catalog is accessible online, though most of the materials themselves are not online at this time.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is perhaps the world's largest accumulator of genealogical data. This web site gives free public access to some of their major data files that used to be available only on microfiche.
HeritageQuest Online
A subscription service provided by Harvard Diggins Library for our patrons, Heritage Quest includes access to US Census data, Revolutionary War records, a large collection of family histories, and the PERSI genealogical index. Anyone may use this resource from terminals inside the library. Home users with a valid Harvard Diggins library card may also use it from their internet connected home computers.
Illinois State Archives
The Illinois State Archives hold information of interest both to historical researchers and to genealogists. This web site is a guide to some of the available resources there.
Internet Genealogical Directory
This site provides links especially useful for genealogical research in French Canada, Belgium, and France.
Helpful website focused on Jewish ancestry and genealogy worldwide.
McHenry County Historical Society
The MCHS has a library with local history and genealogical data as well as a collection of photos and portraits of early pioneers in the area.
McHenry County Illinois Genealogical Society
The local organization most concerned with genealogical research in McHenry county.
National Archives and Records Administration
NARA is the official federal government archive in the US. Census, land, and military records are all administered by the National Archives, and made available to the general public at several locations as well as by mail and over the web.
National Genealogical Society
This organization is concerned with promoting and aiding the study of genealogy in the US.
This non-profit web site contains a very large amount of freely accessible information of value to genealogical researchers.
USGenWeb Project
Not for profit website providing data and communication forums for genealogical researchers working on US families.
Vital Records Information
Vital records information: what is it, what dates are covered, how to get it for each state.
WorldGenWeb Project
A non-profit site providing data and communication forums for international genealogical research.