Lon Haldeman began racing bicycles across the United States in 1981. He won or set records for crossing the country by bicycle during eight of those races. In 1987 he rode from California to Atalantic City in 7 days, 14 hours and averaged over 383 miles per day. This and several other records still stand today.

In 1999 Lon went to Peru to visit the Amazon Rain Forest. During the next two years he returned to Peru four more times to tour and live in the jungle. He became friends with many of the Peruvian people in different regions. Lon worked as a carpenter helping improve local houses while working with limited supplies and basic tools.

In 2001 Lon and 18 cycling friends became the first people to ever ride over the highest road in the Andes. The group traveled by bicycle and riverboat 500 miles into the jungle. 

Lon shared his experiences in Peru during a slide presentation filled with personal stories. 


He also brought some interesting souvenirs for attendees to view.


Attendees enjoyed the presentation as well as the refreshments.


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