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Selected Internet Resources

The web sites and resources listed here have been selected by library staff as particularly useful. This is certainly not an exhaustive list of what is available. You may wish to use a Web search engine to find more sites related to your research. These selections are arranged by subject, roughly in Dewey decimal order. You may scroll down or select a subject area from the list here to jump to the appropriate location in this page.

HINT: In most browsers, <CTRL>F will allow you to enter a keyword search for topics and links on this page.

General Reference and Library-related Subjects (000)
Encyclopedias, Indexes, Directories, News journalism, and Library science.
Philosophy and Psychology (100)
Including Ethics, Parapsychology, and Logic.
Religion (200)
Bible, Christianity, Theology, Comparative religion, and Other belief systems.
Social Science, Education, Business, and Law (300)
General Topics (300)
Sociology, Anthropology, Social Groups
Collected Statistics (310)
Compilations, Collections, Indexes to Statistics
Political Science (320)
Systems of Government, Civil Rights, Political Processes
Economics (330)
Labor, Finance, Economic Systems
Law (340)
Law, Judicial System, Civil Procedure
Public Administration (350)
Administrative Structures and Practice, Military Science
Social Problems and Services (360)
Social Welfare, Criminology, Prisons, Insurance
Education (370)
Elementary, Secondary, and Higher Education
Commerce, Communication, Transportation (380)
Trade, Media, Highways, Public Transit
Customs and Folklore (390)
Etiquette, Folktales, Ethnic Cultures
Languages (400)
Dictionaries, Grammars, Linguistics, and Translation tools.
Pure Science and Mathematics (500)
Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Meteorology, Biology, and Paleology (Dinosaurs).
Applied Science and Technology (600)
Medicine, Engineering, Mechanics, Electronics, Agriculture, Home economics, Management, and Manufacturing.
Fine Arts (700)
Landscape art, Architecture, Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Decorative arts and textiles, Music, Dance, and Entertainment.
Literature (800)
All languages, Rhetoric, Drama, Poetry, Novels, Stories, and Other writings.
History, Geography, and Biography (900)
World and Local history, Maps, Genealogy, Heraldry, and Collective biography.

General Reference and Library-related Subjects (000)

American Library Association
Information not just for librarians. Lists of prize-winning books, news about libraries and library-related legislation, funding, and freedom of information and reading.
BigBook Yellow Pages
An online yellow pages directory that covers the entire United States.
Books in Print
An online listing of books currently available from publishers, as well as information about forthcoming titles and some out of print titles. (Note: due to licensing restrictions, this resource is only available from terminals inside the library.)
EBSCO Masterfile and Novelist
EBSCO is an index to periodical articles as well as a large number of online full text items covering a broad range of subjects. Novelist provides information about popular writers and their works, including lists of titles in various series.
FindIt Illinois
A service of the State Library, this includes newspaper articles and other information for Illinois residents.
This online database includes many different subject indexes to magazines, journals, and other sources, as well as the Worldcat, which is a shared library catalog for hundreds of libraries. Full text is available online for some items.
Illinet Online
Shared catalog for most of Illinois' major college and university libraries.
Illinois State Library
The State Library's main web site. Information about libraries in Illinois.
Library of Congress
The library catalog and many more online resources, including antique photographs and exhibits.
Newspaper articles from the Northwest Herald and full text of articles from many US news magazines. Now available to home users, library card number is required for access.
Prairie Area Library System combined catalog. This includes holdings of member libraries outside the NIC catalog used by Harvard, Woodstock, North Suburban, Cherry Valley, Talcott, Nippersink, and Rockford College. For holdings of those seven libraries, use the Library Catalog button on our home page.
White and yellow pages listings for the entire United States.
VIC: Virtual Illinois Catalog
Shared catalog and locator for library materials in Illinois.

Philosophy, Psychology (100)

Philosophy on Eserver
Links to major philosophical works and web sites.
Exploring Psychology Homepage
Interactive pages with links that demonstrate some basic psychological principles.

Religion (200)

Bible Gateway
A free service to search for and display Bible texts from many different translations and versions.

Social Science, Education, Business, and Law

General Topics (300)
Collected Statistics (310)
American Fact Finder
A statistical information service of the US Census Bureau.
CPS Data: Current Population Survey
A joint statistical project of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Census Bureau.
U.S. Census Bureau
Not just population data, but demographics, maps, geography, and genealogical information.
Political Science (320)
FirstGov: Search for US Government Information
A Federal service that helps users to locate the needed information or resources in hundreds of government web sites.
Harvard. City of Harvard
Official site for the city government, includes information on city administration and activities.
Illinois Office of the Attorney General
Information for Illinois residents on state government activities and regulations.
Illinois General Assembly
Legislative information and current state laws.
Illinois State Information
The primary promotional web site for Illinois, includes tourist information as well as pointers to government and resident material.
McHenry County Government
Web site for county government and agency activities.
U.S. House of Representatives
Current legislative information, locations of Congressional offices, e-mail addresses, etc.
U.S. Senate
Current legislative information, locations of Senate offices, e-mail addresses, etc.
White House
Office of the President and related executive branch information.
Vote Smart
Voter information for US residents, covering all states and all offices.
Economics (330)
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Career information from the US Department of Labor.
U.S. Department of Labor
Main web site of DOL, covers all activities of this department.
Law (340)
Findlaw's Law Crawler
Search engine for legal information available on the web.
Illinois Department of Revenue
Illinois tax information and forms.
Thomas Legislative Network
Information about Federal legislation, pending, proposed, passed, and enacted.
U.S. Internal Revenue Service
Federal tax information and forms.
U.S. Department of Justice
Main web site of DOJ, covers all activities of this department.
Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Wisconsin state tax information and forms.
Public Administration (350)
Central Intelligence Agency
The main web site of the CIA, includes historic and children's features.
Environmental Protection Agency
The EPA web site contains information on the environment and pollution.
Food and Drug Administration
Web site for the FDA, a division of the US Department of Health and Human Services.
Illinois Vehicle Services
Driver's license and vehicle registration information.
Social Problems and Services (360)
Federal Bureau of Investigation
The FBI web site contains general information about the agency as well as current news and information about ongoing activities.
Harvard Main Street
Harvard's downtown revitalization and preservation program.
Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
Information about child protection, foster care, adoption, day care and services in Illinois
Illinois Department of Human Services
Information about aid and grants as well as other functions of DHS.
Illinois State Police
Information about law enforcement activities, crime, and crime prevention.
McHenry County Conservation District
Open land preservation, parks, environmental information for the county.
McHenry County Defenders
The local environmental action and education group.
Education (370)
BigChalk: the Education Network
Information for teachers, parents, students and librarians. (Note: Due to licensing restrictions, this resource is only available from terminals inside the library.)
H.O.U.S.E. Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience
Web site for home schooling in Illinois.
Harvard School District #50
News, schedules, event information from the local school district.
McHenry County College
Website for the college: news, events, course information, continuing education programs.
McHenry County Cooperative Education
On the job career training for high school students is arranged through this agency.
Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)
All aspects of education in Illinois, including many education-related links.
McHenry County Regional Office of Education
County level information on education, with many additional links
Special Education District of McHenry County (SEDOM)
Schedules and related information on Special Education programs in the county.
Commerce, Communication, Transportation (380)
Better Business Bureau
Consumer guidance, filed reports, and dispute resolution.
Excite Money and Investing
Stock quotes, business news, charts, SEC filings.
Federal Consumer Information Center
Consumer information provided by the US General Services Administration.
Harvard Area Chamber of Commerce
Events, promotions, information for local businesses.
Harvard Milk Days
Information about Harvard's annual festival event.
Metra Rail Information
Schedule and fare information for commuter rail service in northeastern Illinois.
Thomas Register
Online version of the familiar green books, a directory of manufacturers and their products.
Customs and Folklore (390)
American Table Manners
A text on proper table manners, courtesy of Diners' Digest.

Languages (400)

AltaVista Translator
Performs translations between the most commonly spoken modern languages. Machine translations are far from perfect, but usually acceptable for meaning.
Online dictionaries, Roget's thesaurus, and related tools. Dictionary resources include German, Greek, Latin, and Spanish as well as English.

Pure Science and Mathematics (500)

Weather Channel (
Current weather information provided by the familiar cable television service.

Applied Science and Technology (600)

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Health information, statistics, and related information from the US government.
Buying guides and price information for automobiles and trucks.
Fuel Economy Guide
A service of the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, provides fuel economy and emissions information for individual models of vehicle from 1985 to date.
Health and medical information from the US Department of Health and Human Services.
Entry point for multiple government web sites dealing with health issues and information.
Kelly's Blue Book
Buying and price information for automobiles and trucks.
Medical and health information especially for children, teens, and their parents.
NADA Guides
Buying and price information, not only for automobiles, but includes motorcycles, aircraft, recreational vehicles, and mobile homes.
National Library of Medicine
Includes access in both English and Spanish to MedlinePlus, the national index to health and medical information of all kinds.
PDR Electronic Library
The online version of the Physician's Desk Reference, this provides up to date and specific information on prescription medications. (Note: due to licensing restrictions, this resource is only available from terminals inside the library.)

Fine Arts, Entertainment, Sports (700)

Harvard Junior Tackle Football
Home page of the local football program for players ages 9-15 years.
HERS Softball League
Girls' softball in the Harvard area, 1st through 12th grades.
Internet Movie Database
Reviews, history, biography on thousands of films and videos.

Literature and Rhetoric (800)

Poetry on Eserver
A collection of online poetry texts with some links to additional resources.
Project Gutenberg
Freely usable online text of many literary classics and some other older books of major importance.

History, Geography, and Biography (900)

Genealogy Resources
These are located on their own page.
European travel and road maps and driving directions.
U.S. travel and road maps and driving directions.
Aerial photographs and USGS topographical maps of the United States.
Topographical maps of the United States.
World War Military Memorials
This private web site includes information about war monuments and military history museums.
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