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Harvard Community StoryWalk

Out of Library

  The Library might be closed for renovations in February, but the Harvard Community StoryWalk is open every day! Bundle up and head to the Library to read the latest […]

Library Lovers Expedition

Out of Library

  You're invited to take the challenge of visiting all 13 participating McHenry County libraries during February and March of 2023! Collect buttons and stickers at each location for your […]

Fight the Fall: Understanding Fall Risk & Prevention

Large Meeting Room

Just about everyone has experienced a fall at some point after losing their balance or tripping over an object. Although common, falls can be dangerous and lead to many types […]


Ed O’Brien as Sven Mellin

  During the first 3 decades of the 1900s, the Fox Lake community featured many locations for family getaways from Chicago's hot summers. In 1902, Sven Mellin opened a resort […]