The Mammals & More Show

Outside 900 E. McKinley St, Harvard, IL

  Harvard Diggins Library will become a zoo for an hour! The Flying Fox Conservation Fund is coming for a visit and bringing a Sloth, Armadillo, Kinkajou, Fruit Bat, Children’s Python, Lion Headed Rabbit, Tenrec, Parrot, AND a Pancake Tortoise, and will teach us all about these cool animals! You won't want to miss this […]

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Primitive Technology of our Ancestors

Outside 900 E. McKinley St, Harvard, IL

Harvard resident Richard Hamilton of "The Written Stone" will demonstrate how he creates traditional "primitive technologies" used by our native ancestors for over 15,000 years. Learn the basic science of outdoor fire-starting using combustibles, charcoal, and oxygen. See a demonstration on how to create cordage", a type of rope or string used for fishing lines […]

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